Quick Marketing Tip: The Eight Touches Rule

If you are marketing your firm in the right way, you should be getting a lot of contacts from potential clients who are interested in learning more about your legal services. Setting up an initial appointment, however, will not always close the deal. If you really want to make the most out of your marketing efforts, it is important to learn how to convert prospects into paying clients.

A simple way to do this is by following what I call “the eight touches rule.” For every potential client you meet, you should follow up with that person at least eight times before giving up. Here is a good timeline to keep when following that rule:

  • Call every prospect two days prior to their appointment to remind.
  • If you don’t reach them, leave a message and call again the day before the appointment.
  • If you don’t reach them again, leave a message and call them the morning of the appointment.
  • If they ditch the appointment, call them within 20 minutes of the appointment time and try to reschedule.
  • If they don’t come back a second time, call them and tell them to schedule an appointment later the same week as the missed appointment.
  • If they never make it in the office, send a follow-up letter or email within two weeks of the missed appointment.
  • Send another letter 30 days after the missed appointment with your business card and law firm info.
  • Call again six months after the missed appointment, and let the potential client know that you are available to assist them if anything has changed since your first spoke.

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