Quick Marketing Tip: Link Building for Attorney Websites

Today’s Quick Tip comes from our most recent Power Chat, presented by Gyi Tsakalakis. During his presentation, Gyi gave us an extensive tutorial on how to create a law firm website that will attract clients. Part of that presentation included a section on how to build links to your website.

If you participated in the Power Chat this week, you already know that links from other sites to your website are like a like a “vote” in your favor when it comes to search engine optimization. Building links, however, is not an overnight task. Here are a few tips that Gyi shared with us yesterday and today:

  • Write great content. By providing content that is interesting, insightful, or even controversial, other people will want to link to that content. This is the most natural method of getting links, but depending on your writing skills, it might not be the easiest.
  • Offer to be a guest blogger for other websites. Depending on website policies, you may not be able to put your website in the body of your guest post, but most website owners will allow you to link back to your website in your biography line.
  • If you don’t have time to guest post on another person’s site, you can also simply ask people to link back to you. If you do this, however, be ready to offer something in return, such as a link back from your own site. Also, be sure to request links from friends and colleagues who own websites that are relevant to the areas of law you practice.
  • Press releases are a great way to generate new links, and there are many press release companies who will distribute your releases. Not all distributors are free, however, and you may need to do some research to determine which ones produce the best results for your website.
  • One extremely controversial strategy that some webmasters use to drive traffic to their site is through link purchasing. As search engines continue to become more intelligent, they have begun penalizing websites that engage in these schemes. Attorneys should avoid services that advertise that they sell links for a fee.

For more information on link-building for websites and other law firm marketing tips, check out our Law Firm Resources section. If you missed this week’s Power Chat, visit our website next week for a recorded version of the show or email powerchat@totalattorneys.com.