Power Chat—Hiring for Your Law Firm: Minimizing Cost and Maximizing Talent

In 2009, Tim Ryan’s session on hiring and retaining talented people was the most popular event at the Total Attorneys Get a Life Conference. This week, we are bringing back this session in a new format so attorneys everywhere will have a chance to participate.

As you may already know, a bad hire can cost your law firm a lot of money and waste a lot of time. It is important to make smart decisions when staffing your law firm, but many employers do not know the best process for recruiting and selecting talented people who fit your firm and exceed expectations.

Whether you plan to hire people to help you in your physical office or select virtual workers to perform administrative and paralegal tasks for your law practice, Tim Ryan can help you save money, identify rock star support for your office, and interview for the characteristics you need to build a successful team at your law firm.

This free, live chat session will be offered on Thursday, July 22 at 10:00am CDT and Friday, July 23 at 11:00am CDT. For more information on Tim Ryan, please visit our Leadership page. If you have any questions about the show or if you need assistance registering, email powerchat@totalattorneys.com.