Mobile Apps Revive The Lost Art of the Thank You Card

The holidays have arrived!

Complete with music on the radio, lights strung through the trees, and the L Holiday Train is making its rounds through the Chicago loop. The holidays are a time of for tradition, but there’s one timeless custom slipping away in the fast paced technology mix we know as our daily lives. The Thank You Card.

When I first began my career it was customary to send a thank you card after every interview, a great meeting, and as a sign of gratitude when someone lent you a helping hand or gave you a gift.

When was the last time you received a handwritten note or card for any reason, business or personal?

Think about the experience when you received it. The undistracted moment you took to open the envelope, the way the stationary felt in your hand, and how the words came to life as you read the sender’s handwriting. Personal greeting cards offer a unique and memorable experience that fewer and fewer of us get to enjoy.

Giving Back

Taking the time out of your day to thank someone who matters to you, can not only return the gift of a smile to them, but also keep you in the front of their mind as someone who they connected with on a personal level.

Difficult, complicated, time consuming? Maybe, if you consider 20 seconds a lifetime. Compared to the hoops I’ve seen some jump through just for a chance to win an iPad sending a thoughtful message is much easier than you may think.

Purchasing cards in bulk, ordering branded cards with the firm’s logo or your name embossed on the face alleviates the need to run the store. Placing them on your desk, at the reception station, in your briefcase, and other obvious areas creates a visual reminder.

On the go all the time and need something faster?

The following mobile apps have mastered the process for you. With just a few taps, you’ll be sending cards to loved ones, and business contacts alike. You can even have them signed with a real pen.

ThankYouPro | @ThankYouPro | Thank You Pro on Vimeo
The clear leader for business use, choose from over 20 card designs, create your own from a photo or using your logo. For friends of Siri, dictate your message to her instead of typing. Thank You Pro screams efficiency: save multiple signatures, create card templates for future use, and send directly to your contacts.

Ink Cards | @InkCards | Ink Cards on Facebook
Choose from over 100 designs for any occasion or create your own from a photo, write a personal message and send. Fast, gorgeous and affordable. For the forgetful side of in of us, stay on top of things with built in birthday reminders. Check out their blog for cheerful ideas to make each card your own.

Have an app to share? Total Attorneys would love to hear which tech tool helps you stay ahead of the curve.