Law Firm Staffing Alternatives: Contract Lawyers

Time and money are two of the biggest factors in managing any business, especially a law firm.

Lawyers are often controlled by deadlines, client needs and seasonal business demands. It can be costly and difficult to search for and train new associates, so many attorneys turn to outsourcing to help save time and money.

Outsourcing, however, does not necessarily mean that your law firm needs to send work overseas. Instead, solos and small firms can garner many benefits by outsourcing substantive legal work to independent, US-based contract lawyers (a.k.a. freelance lawyers).

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Lisa Solomon head shot

Lisa Solomon was one of the first lawyers to recognize and take advantage of the technological advances that make outsourcing legal research and writing services practical and profitable for law firms of all sizes.

Lisa is the author of many published articles about appellate practice and procedure, and has also written extensively about the field of contract lawyering. A nationally-known speaker, she frequently presents continuing legal education courses about legal writing and contract lawyering. Her innovative law practice has been featured in such periodicals as the National Law Journal and the ABA Journal, and in a number of books about legal careers.