Keeping Employees Energized and Productive This Winter

One key to running a successful law firm is having an energized, productive staff. The winter months, however, can wreak havoc on energy levels and moods.

The weather is colder, the days are darker, flu season is in full effect, and many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder or feel the need to hibernate during this time of the year.  In order to counter the effects of the season, you should bring positive energy to your law office to help colleagues and employees maintain focus and productivity.

Here are a few ways to add a little bit of energy to your law firm during the winter months:

  • Focus on the positive rather than negative.  Many psychological studies have shown that happy employees are critical for any company’s success, while excessive negativity can lead to decreased productivity and employee burnout.  Make your law office brighter during the winter by encouraging staff members with positive feedback, and try to avoid leading through intimidation or scolding.
  • Encourage employees to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise. During the winter, many people feel less inclined to leave their desks during the day for their lunch break when the weather outside is frightful, but a quick burst of cold air and a stroll down the street to grab a healthy salad and soup for lunch will help your employees stay alert and refueled to finish the work day.
  • Shake up the office routine.  Bored employees will be less productive and more likely to burnout during the winter months, but you can cure boredom by adding a little variety to your law office.  If you have two law clerks or paralegals, try cross training and rotating schedules.
  • Pull out old resumes and re-evaluate the job descriptions of your team.  Is your phone receptionist a budding journalist or a public relations major in college?  Maybe he would be interested in writing for your law firm blog.  By giving employees more responsibility, you can show them that you respect their unique talents and you can motivate them to grow professionally.  Foster enthusiasm among employees by giving them the opportunity to define their job by incorporating their personal skills and interests.

What other ways can you think of to keep your employees energized, motivated and happy during the winter and year-round?

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