June Platform Updates

We have made significant enhancements to the Matter and Contacts sections that we think you’ll enjoy.

Watch a quick video of all the changes and read below.

June Platform Updates from Total Attorneys on Vimeo.


  • Create Custom Matter Fields – In the data fields section of settings, you can now create customized fields that will be displayed when you create a new matter. For example, you could enter a new field for secondary email address.
  • Create Matters and Contacts in the Same Work Flow – Many users want to associate a contact to a matter immediately when creating it. After all, a matter is nothing without a contact. Now you can go straight to the new contact screen within the new matter screen, so you don’t have to click back to contacts and assign the contact to the matter
  • Zip Code is no longer required – Don’t need to associate a location? No problem. These fields are still available, but no longer required.
  • Default an Attorney – When opening a new matter, we’ll now default the assigned attorney to the user creating the matter.
  • Timer On Every Page – People are loving our timer. You will now find the timer on all sub-pages within matters. Did you know that it is synchronized with with our iPhone and iPad apps? Simply start the clock on the web browser then login to the native iPhone or iPad app then click the timer; voila, the timer is running. It also can be started on the iPhone and iPad app and sync to the web-version of the platform.


  • Businesses as Contacts – You can now enter an organization as a new contact, and also associate individuals to that organization. When adding a new contact, just select “Individual” or “Organization.”
  • Custom Contact Fields – Just like in matters, you can now add the fields that matter to you. Simply go to the settings tab to add your custom contact fields.
  • Location, location, location – You can now add city and state to a new contact, as opposed to just the zip code and having it assigned for you.
  • Contact Notes – Ever want to remember where you met a contact, or a minor detail about who they are? You can now enter in short notes while creating a contact.

Time & Billing

  • Billing link – We’ve changed the default sub-page for the billing tab. Instead of taking you to quotes, it will now be defaulted to billing record, which is used much more frequently.
  • Ability to send invoices as “due on receipt” – Instead of choosing a date that customers must by an invoice by, you can now just mark it as due on receipt to get payment as soon as possible.

Have more ideas? We’d love to hear them. Feel free to leave comments below.