Join Us at TechShow 2011

This year, the ABA TechShow will celebrate its 25th anniversary, and Total Attorneys is gearing up to showcase our products and services at this conference and others this spring.

As an attorney, I have witnessed firsthand the ways technology has improved the way we market legal services, manage law firms and practice law, and as a tech-enabled service provider I look forward to continuing those improvements.

In a recent interview in Chicago Lawyer Magazine, Attorney Bob Dorner recalled starting his general law practice in the late 1970s. “In those days, lawyers didn’t type. Secretaries typed,” said Dorner. “Those lawyers who could type and did type really had a leg up.”

Technology Providing “The Edge”

Technology has come a long way from typewriters and word processors, but one thing remains true: Lawyers who have skills with new technology will have a leg up on those who don’t.

Instead of relying on typists, secretaries and costly support staff, attorneys today are using technology to manage their practices, schedule appointments with new clients, complete paperwork, generate new leads, communicate with clients, and do tons more at the click of a mouse.

TechShow gives attorneys, technology manufacturers and software developers the opportunity to exchange ideas all under one roof.