It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Isn’t that how the song goes?

Most solo bankruptcy attorneys find the holiday seasons quite tense due to a severely decreased caseload brought on by the seasonal ebbs and flows of running a consumer bankruptcy practice.

Let’s face it: consumers are just not thinking about getting out of debt during the holiday season.  Filings can fall by as much as 40% compared to the fall months and most consumer bankruptcy practices are left dealing with staffing issues, namely too much staff and not enough business.

It all changes in January when the yearly tax ritual provides potential bankruptcy debtors with the means to hire and pay for a bankruptcy attorney to help with their financial problems.  Business skyrockets.  Again, attorneys and small firms are left dealing with staffing issues, namely too much business and not enough staff.

Cue 2009.

The American Bankruptcy Institute estimates that consumer bankruptcy filings will increase at a rate of 30-50%. What is a solo practitioner or small firm to do?

Technology: Changing the Game

Technology enables an increasing array of legal support services and administrative legal work to be outsourced.

Legal outsourcing is relatively new and, until now, has only been available to the largest law firms and multi-national corporations. Total Attorneys has changed the rules.  Our services enable cost-savings not previously available to solo practitioners and small firms.

By offering a transactional based product, Total Attorneys allows lawyers the ability to easily determine the costs in offering their core services.  Being able to handle the dramatic swings in their practices without drastically adding or cutting staff, however, is what many find most appealing.