Is Doing Your Job Costing You Clients?

You can’t be everywhere at once, but that’s exactly what solo practice demands of you. Of course, you can’t be in court, meeting with clients and picking up calls from potential new clients all at the same time. Unfortunately, while you’re diligently serving your existing clients, new prospects may be passing you by.

Consumers in need of legal services are often driven by a strong sense of in-the-moment urgency. They may not have that sense of urgency as they see their situation gradually worsen, but once they decide they need help, they want help immediately. To quell the anxiety associated with pending DUI charges or a financial crisis or having been served with divorce papers, they need to connect immediately with someone who can help.

Often, that means that if a prospective law firm client reaches voice mail at one law office, he’ll simply move on and call the next name on the list until someone picks up the phone. The lawyer whose phone is answered first is often the one who gets the client.

Be the Law Firm Whose Phone Never Goes to Voicemail

Total Attorneys Virtual Receptionists always pick up the phone. 24/7, 365 days a year: if you configure your phones to rollover to Total Attorneys, our thoroughly-trained legal receptionists are answering your phone when you’re not able. While they can’t offer legal advice or fill your shoes with the would-be client, they can allay the anxiety that drives those prospects to keep moving down the list.

A friendly, professional voice on the phone can help set your future client at ease, provide specific information (per your instructions) about when he’ll be able to speak with you, even schedule an initial appointment for you.

Giving your current clients your full attention shouldn’t cost you business. Get the help you need to respond quickly to prospects while focusing your energies on the practice of law.