Inventive Education for the Lawyers of Tomorrow

The professors and classes you’ll see mentioned in this post have delivered innovative courses which blend business knowledge, technology and practical training. Preparing students to not only execute cases, but also start their own law firm should they choose to go solo right away.

Entertainment Law, Professor Tonya Evans, Widener Law

In this spring course, students were divided into five law firms. The five firms were tasked with building a website and blog, covering entertainment law news. Some students went as far to add a supplemental Facebook & Twitter accounts. Once the setup portion of their “Faux” firm was complete, they began their casework. In this course students connected the Total Attorneys Practice Management Platform, and utilized it’s client portal to execute the cases, share documents and discuss the legal matter in a secure online space.

The courses not only equip the students with the skills they need to begin their career, but it also adds value to their resume. Listing technology, familiarity with social media, marketing tools, and an understanding of the ethical rules and regulations as they relate to the delivery of legal services separates these candidates from the pack.

Read more about this course and what the students said in Widener’s post; Entertainment Law Class Offers Students a 21st Century Twist

Unbundling and the Future of Law Practice Stephanie Kimbro, University of Dayton

Who better to educate students on the online delivery of legal services than Attorney, Author and ABA Keane Award winner Stephanie Kimbro?

In Stephanie’s course reading assignments and class discussion accompany their role as an associate in a virtual firm managed by Stephanie. Students wrote business plans, which included the use of technology to unbundle and deliver legal services. The Total Attorneys Platform was used as a teaching aid to simulate working in, or being a client of, a virtual firm, management and execution of cases.

Allowing the students to create their own cases led to even greater learning opportunities based on the current situation of the “fake client,” highlights include “Deaf Dennis” and “Harry Potter.” Raising questions about the benefits and possible restrictions working with a handicapped client may bring.

To learn more about the fun and creative cases Stephanie’s students came up with, check out her full post: Teaching Digital Lawyering with a Virtual Firm Simulation. We sincerely thank Stephanie for sharing her syllabus and student stories with us!

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Law Practice in the 21st Century, Troy Riddle

A former graduate of Widener Law, Troy contacted Total Attorneys with overwhelming excitement about delivering this course. Aimed to share current technology and walk them through the process of building and running a law practice. Assignments included building a one-page website, handling cases, and managing their firm’s clients and interactions through the Total Attorneys Platform secure client portal.

After the success of Troy’s first class, he continued on to deliver a second course the following semester. He teaches in addition to his role as Multicultural Affairs Office for Widener Law.

From School to Solo, Susan Cartier Liebel, Solo Practice University

For post graduation courses, there are many workshops and programs. One in particular stands out from the rest and the go to solution for startup and private practice training.

Susan Cartier Liebel has combined the flexibility of online courses with a powerhouse lineup of professors and instructors. Courses are affordably priced and sold in monthly, annual and quarterly subscription packages. Providing recent grads with unlimited access to courses, discussions and discounts, so they not only have a roadmap, but also a support system and community to help them along the way.

Learn more about Solo Practice University Courses

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