Introducing Total Expert Radio: Same Show, New Name

Last year, when Total Attorneys started hosting shows on Blog Talk Radio, we wanted to give attorneys a good resource for learning how to manage their law practice, utilize new technology and achieve work-life balance. In the past year, we have featured many great speakers who covered a variety of topics, including tips on social media marketing, developing strategic business plans, using virtual workers, and achieving happiness inside and outside your office.

One of our main goals at Total Attorneys is to improve lives through innovation in access and delivery of legal services. At total attorneys, we believe that education, communication and collaboration are keys to a successful law practice and we actively seek out like-minded professionals from all over the country—law firm consultants and administrators, business developing and attorney marketing specialists, efficiency experts and more—to show lawyers how to achieve success and happiness both in the office and out.

Now, we want the title of our radio show to reflect the quality information from nationally known legal experts that you have been receiving from us for over a year now. I am happy to introduce the show’s new name: Total Expert Radio.