Introducing Bankruptcy Petition Preparation

You probably know by now that Total Attorneys offers Bankruptcy Case Support services that go far beyond the typical petition preparation. But we know that every law firm is different. Some firms want the high-quality service Total Attorneys provides, but prefer to arrange their own credit counseling and debtor education, manage client contact and perform their own due diligence. That’s why we’ve expanded the options. Now, you can choose between our full-service Bankruptcy Case Support and our new Petition Preparation service.

With Petition Preparation:

  • You’ll know you’re getting quality service – every petition is subjected to a 2-step quality assurance process
  • You can monitor your cases in real time – you’ll have 24/7 electronic access to your case file
  • Pay only for what you need – flat fee per-case pricing means you’re charged only when you submit a case
  • Easily access your documents – quickly upload documents to and download documents from our secure server

In a nutshell, you’ll receive the same great service, quality control, ease of use and monitoring capabilities Bankruptcy Case Support clients have come to expect with this focused, lower-cost option.

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