Incorporating Healthy Eating Habits During Busy Times

Two weeks ago, I shared a few tips on how to fit in exercise to improve your health and productivity. This week, I’d like to talk a little bit about diet. With spring conferences in full bloom and our new SaaS product beta launch just around the corner, finding time to cook, or even to eat, has been pretty difficult.

If you are running your own law practice and perhaps coming home to your office after spending a week in Chicago for the ABA TechShow, you can probably relate. Instead of living on a strict diet of coffee and RedBull, here is a much healthier way to get the nutrition you need during busy weeks:


Nutritional Shake – It's easy and tastes like a big glass of Chocolate milk, but it packs tons of protein and kick-starts my metabolism early in the morning. I would never eat breakfast if I didn't have these to fall back on. As a backup, I keep sugar free oatmeal at work, which can be made in literally 30 seconds.

Lunch and Daytime Snacks

Greek yogurt, fruit, vegetables, soup, and salads. I try to bring food in on Monday for the whole week, so all I need to do is grab it from the kitchen, and can bring lunch into my meetings if I need to do a working lunch, so I'm not ordering out every day. Convenience is key here.


During the week, the name of the game is SPEED. I don't have time to spend an hour making meals or stopping for long lunches. I keep meals simple and under 30 minutes from prep to finished, like 12-minute tacos or quick stir-fry. I've posted some of my favorites on my recipe blog: Recipes for the Impatient.

On the weekends, I try to treat myself. I'll cook something that takes 2-3 hours instead of my quick meals, or try out new recipes. I try to keep health in mind, but if I use a little butter or go out to eat and indulge, I don’t freak out about it. I just see it as a reward for eating healthy Monday – Friday.

What is most important to any diet & exercise plan is that it needs to work for you. Recognize your patterns and habits, and work around them. The likelihood of you completely changing your lifestyle is slim to none, so look for places that you can improve and slowly work in new habits. Check back next week for my top ten list of apps that can help you incorporate healthy habits into your busy life.

Note: This is a 3-part series. You can read the first post here. Check back next week for the final part of this series on fitting health into your schedule.