How to Be a Superhero

Today, in the legal blogosphere I have read a lot about superhero lawyers—Batman, Daredevil, She-Hulk and Harvey Birdman, to name a few. While these superheroes wow us with their ability to scale tall buildings, mutate into green monsters and shoot solar rays from their fists, most clients today are looking for attorneys who can save the day in a more streamlined fashion. (After all, who wants to clean up the mess when your superhuman ray guns crumble buildings and cars in pursuit of those evil forces?) Here are a few ways you can become a superhero lawyer:

  • Be original. For Batman, that meant wearing a cape and hanging out in a cave. I wouldn’t suggest wearing tights to work (unless that’s your thing), but maybe you should consider updating your website or personalizing your marketing materials so you will stand out to potential clients. Try starting a blog, creating alternative billing options or offering web-based services to clients through a virtual law office.
  • Pick a superpower. You don’t need to run at the speed of light or develop telepathic powers, but you should define your niche and hone your talents in targeted practice areas by researching, networking and sharing your expertise with others.
  • Get a sidekick (or a few). Every superhero has someone who can help them get the job done. For your law firm, this may mean hiring a paralegal to help you with the heavy lifting or getting a virtual receptionist to handle the Bat Phone.
  • Choose an alter ego who can perform the role of a normal person. While battling evil loads of paperwork or fighting for justice may seem like an around-the-clock job, every superhero has a down-to-earth side. Take time to relax, spend time with your family and do things for yourself so you don’t burn out when your clients need you most.

What are other ways you can become a superhero lawyer without costumes and science lab experiments gone awry?