How Do You Answer the Phone?

When attorneys complain that they are having trouble converting callers into clients, I often find that there is one key problem: Many attorneys do not take phone calls seriously.

They answer their phones with rough and agitated greetings or they pay disinterested staff members to answer calls or they simply allow calls to go straight to voicemail. Instead of hearing the voice of someone who is cheery, professional and ready to help, many potential clients are greeted by an annoyed, stressed, bored, or disengaged voice.

While answering the phone may seem too simple to be an important job, Seth Godin recently wrote a great post about “the $20,000 phone call.” What happens when consumers call a broker? A moving company? The family doctor? A fancy restaurant?

“Go down the list. Stockbrokers, even hairdressers. And not just people who recently moved. When a new referral shows up, all that work and expense, and then the phone rings and it gets answered by your annoyed, overworked, burned out, never very good at it anyway receptionist, it all falls apart.”

What if you are missing out on huge opportunities because the person answering your phone turns away customers before they ever get to the door? Instead of leaving the very important task of answering the phone to the wrong person, you should hire someone who is capable of handling calls in a friendly, professional and helpful manner.

For tips on how to make the most out of your phone calls, check out this post I wrote on how to answer the phone.