Hardest day I’ve had as a CEO

Today was a very difficult day for us. We laid off about 50 of our good friends and co-workers as part of a re-organization around our product offerings.

Many companies making the jump from start-up to enterprise have experienced the same pain. History has shown that it is nearly impossible to manage growth perfectly during this transition and we are no exception. The people leaving us today have made tremendous contributions to our products and services, our discourse and our culture and we will be sad to see them go.

This has been my most difficult decision in 8 years as Founder and CEO of Total Attorneys. I explored every alternative and poured over spreadsheets until my eyes blurred. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is our best path for continuing to be an effective and efficient enterprise that drives the greatest value to our customers and employees.

We wish a speedy transition to successful new careers for all of our former Totalists.