Happy Halloween

Halloween might seem like a silly holiday, but here at Total Attorneys, we take this holiday pretty seriously.

Cobwebs, giant spiders, light-up ghosts, and cauldrons of candy cover both floors. If you visited our office today, you might bump into the cast of Mad Men in the IT office, Hamburglar working on a contract in the legal department, or a snow bunny in the call center.

You can be spooked by sharks, witches, black cats and the big bad wolf, play fetch with Clifford the Big Red Dog, follow Alice down the rabbit hole and help Mr. Potato Head decide which pair of lips to wear today.

Helping Our Corporate Culture

Today is a great day to step outside of the normal routine.

It gives us the freedom to dress up, be someone more daring than we are in everyday life, and get outside of our comfort zones. On Halloween, we can view the world from a different perspective: through the mask of a superhero, the sunglasses of a rock’n’roll musician, or perhaps the hooded cape of a villain. In addition to changing our perspective, we also get the chance to alter the way others perceive us by showing them a different side of our personalities.

You may not be dressed up as a super hero, mingling with the walking dead or trying out a new hair color, but you can still use today as an excuse to be creative in your office and look for new ways to manage your practice and market your law firm in ways that give you and your clients new and fresh perspectives.

From everyone here at Total Attorneys, have a Happy Halloween!