Hair for Hope

At Total Attorneys, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to interact with the world. You see that mostly in our products and services and the way our company operates, but our goal does not stop there.We want to affect change not only in the legal industry, but anywhere it counts.

In 2009, Total Attorneys partnered with Purse of Hope to create Total Impact House, a home in Uganda that helps victims of the sex trade live in safety, get counseling, return to school, learn trades and rebuild their lives.

While we really enjoy seeing the direct impact some of our efforts have had on the lives of the girls living at the Total Impact House, we also have a lot of fun raising awareness and raising money for our programs with Purse of Hope and the Total Impact House.

In a few weeks, we will be hosting an all-office contest, celebrating the outrageous fashion of the 80s and raising money for Total Impact House. On June 11, Total Attorneys employees are invited to channel their inner Madonna, Gene Simmons, Richard Simmons and other 80s icons for our first ever Hair for Hope.

Participants will compete to raise the most money for their style, and winners will be awarded one of four titles:

  • The Madonna Award for the Contestant Who Raises the Most Money
  • The Aquanet Award for Best 80s Hair Style
  • The Richard Simmons/Gene Simmons Award for the Best 80s Outfit
  • The 80s Doppelganger Award for the Best 80s Celeb Look Alike