Getting Your Bankruptcy Practice Off the Ground

Bankruptcy business is booming, unlike many other areas of consumer law, and that means many small law firms and solo attorneys are entering the bankruptcy arena for the first time.

But starting out in a new law area can be challenging, especially if you're a relatively new attorney. Many small firm attorneys and solos don't have the time to train a bankruptcy paralegal from scratch, but aren't in a position to hire experienced back office staff to handle the administrative aspects of your bankruptcy cases.

That's especially true for the attorney who is just dipping her toes in the bankruptcy pond and hasn't yet decided whether or not to pursue the practice area long-term–it wouldn't make sense to commit to overhead and invest substantial training time at that stage.

Fortunately, there is another option.

Total Attorneys' Bankruptcy Case Support

Many new bankruptcy attorneys are recognizing that experimenting with hiring, training and pulling together the administrative details like credit counseling, due diligence materials and document collection isn't the best use of their time.

Solutions like Total Attorneys' Bankruptcy Case Support allow those attorneys to focus on the most critical tasks: client services only the attorney can perform and the effort to generate new business and grow his bankruptcy practice.

Bankruptcy Case Support can free you from:

  • Petition Preparation
  • Gathering documents from the client
  • Gathering credit reports, vehicle valuations and other due diligence materials
  • Arranging credit counseling and chasing down clients' certificates
  • Arranging debtor education and obtaining certificates
  • Answering non-legal questions
  • Fielding creditor verification calls

Ready to focus your energies on the practice of law and leave the details to someone else? Call Total Attorneys today at 877-349-1307