From Start-up to Industry Leader and Beyond

If you’re familiar with Total Attorneys history, you know we’ve been through a lot of changes in the past eight years.

In 2002, I started the company with little more than a laptop and a credit card, creating websites and helping a variety of businesses with online marketing. In the intervening years, we grew from a one-man show to a handful of dedicated people in a tiny office with a concrete floor to over 150 employees in the Chicago loop servicing over 1000 lawyers.

In 2005, Kevin Chern joined the company as President, and we refined our focus and dedicated ourselves to serving the needs of small law firms and solo attorneys. We even changed our name in 2008 from Infra-Strategy to Total Attorneys. The following year, we added a new dimension to our services with the acquisition of Virtual Law Office Technology LLC (VLOTech). And now, we’re taking another giant step forward with new support from BIA Digital Partners.

Our Mission

The thing that defines our company and that I am personally most proud of is our purpose. Our mission statement, “to improve lives through innovation in the access and delivery of legal services” reflects something very significant about the way Total Attorneys does business: we’re looking to improve not only the lives of our attorney customers, but their customers’ lives, as well .Everything we do is designed to further that goal in some way.

Our marketing solutions for solo attorneys and small law firms have been developed with the dual goals of allowing attorneys to run profitable businesses and grow their practices while also reaching more consumers who need legal services. Our upcoming SaaS platform gives lawyers the flexibility to work from anywhere and serve clients from further geographic locations, thereby increasing attorneys’ client bases and making legal services more accessible to consumers.

New Technological Standard for Law Firms

Today, we’re on the brink of yet another exciting new era for Total Attorneys.

The new, integrated law office platform we’ll launch later this year will give our attorney customers a competitive edge and help them to profitably provide services to a wider range of clients. The combination of a dedicated team, an influx of new capital and the insights of Stephanie Kimbro, co-founder of VLOTech, have put us in a position to set a new standard in the use of technology to deliver legal services.

Total Attorneys has the marketing solutions that small law firms and solo practitioners need to grow their practice, and gives them the software tools needed to succeed. We’re looking forward not just to taking our services to the next level, but to partnering with our attorney clients to increase the profitability, accessibility, and efficiency of their practices.