Friday Challenge

From time to time at Total Attorneys, we’ll hold a wrenchy and hilarious contest on Friday afternoon. We call it the Friday Challenge. Contestants compete for a prize (or just for fun). This “Friday Challenge” was for Cubs opening day tickets at Wrigley Field!

The latest challenge was inspired by the show “Minute to Win It.” The objective was to get cotton balls from one bowl to another bowl across the room without using your hands by dipping your nose in Vaseline. I think this one was both wrenchy and hilarious, but I’ll let you be the judge.

Congrats to Conor (a Sox fan) and Vanessa for winning the latest challenge!

Do you have any ideas for future Total Attorneys Friday challenges? We’re always looking for new ideas. Previous events have included everything from a hot pepper eating contest to longest wall sits to an ice cream cake eating contest.