Focusing on the Consumer

People sometimes ask me how I think Total Attorneys differs from other companies that provide services to law firms.

One difference: we begin by thinking about what the consumers of legal services want.

How do they want their legal needs met? What constitutes an exceptional experience for them? By thinking about the needs of consumers, Total Attorneys is in the best position to meet the needs of law firms because they are one in the same: once you have an understanding of how consumers want their legal services delivered, products and services can be developed to help attorneys better meet these needs.

Legal Paradigm is Shifting

The business models that worked yesterday are no longer applicable today. In big law, corporate clients are asking for different ways of having services delivered to them. They are no longer willing to pay $400 an hour for a junior associate to make copies. We’re now seeing this in the consumer space and with smaller law firms, where consumers are demanding different models to receive legal services, whether that takes the form of unbundling, fixed-fee pricing, or delivering services online.

This is not something to be afraid of.

It’s the opposite: it represents one of the largest opportunities for firms who adapt to the changing marketplace to have a distinct competitive advantage. This is evidenced by the large firms that are servicing corporate clients in different consumer-demanded ways, such as Axiom, which delivers unbundled services online at cheaper costs to corporate clients. Small, consumer-serving law firms that operate like Axiom will be just as successful.

Giving Attorneys the Tools for the Job

The best thing Total Attorneys can do for its law firm customers is give them the tools they need to not only be relevant in this changing landscape, but to thrive in it. Our obsession with how consumers want their legal needs met gives our law firm customers a definite advantage over law firms that continue to do business as usual. Total Attorneys strives to position its law firm customers to be the first place the “new legal consumer” will look to for legal services in the future.

What trends in consumer demand are you seeing at your practice? Are consumers requesting to conduct business online? Are their expectations different from consumers of the past?