Fitness Apps for Attorneys

Over the past few weeks, I have shared a few of my personal tips on how to be healthy and maintain a balanced diet during busy times in your law firm office. As promised, this week, I wanted to share a few of my favorite mobile apps that I use to stay healthy when I am on the go:

  • iSpinner: I use this GPS app to log my fitness data when I am on a spinner, road or mountain bike. It’s compatible with most fitness heart rate monitors, and it enables me to track my heart rate, calories burned, cadence, speed, distance and time. If you aren’t into biking, check out iMapMyRun for runners, WalkMeter for walkers, or GoSwim for swimmers.
  • DailyBurn: This app allows me to view and track my food intake, exercise and body progress, and it includes training plans and a full food database.
  • Pilates Interactive: Last week I used this at the annual NACBA convention to fit in a couple quick 10-minute workouts. This app is great because it gives me a workout I can do in my PJ’s, and I don’t have to pack chunky gym shoes.
  • LoseIt: This is one of the simplest food-tracking apps on the market. Easily set goals, establish a daily calorie budget, and record food and exercise to help you maintain your waistline, even while dining on popular restaurant menu items.

Finally, I love any technology that helps me save time in the office so I can get moving outside of the office. While the above apps will help you discover new ways to work out and keep you motivated, the best way for an attorney to stay healthy is by developing a law practice that gives your career and your personal life the same priority. Check out our Power Chat Webinars for Attorneys to hear about ways to strengthen your law practice.

Note: This post is the last of a 3-part series on health for attorneys. You can check out the first post on fitting in exercise, and the second post on healthy eating.