Does Your Law Firm Marketing Plan Have Big Hair and Legwarmers?

As a profession, we're traditionally slow to change, and that's all the more true with the areas of our businesses that most of us never wanted to give much thought to in the first place, like marketing.

For many law firms, that means that once the marketing plan was in place, no one ever looked back. And that's assuming that there ever was a comprehensive marketing plan and not just a few unrelated marketing efforts tacked on as opportunities arose or the sales person from the yellow pages called.

In many areas of your law practice this might work just fine–if you're still comfortable in the old chair you purchased the day you set up your first law office, by all means keep right on sitting in it. And if you prefer to keep your time by hand and have your secretary enter it into your billing program later, you're adding an unnecessary step and probably wasting a little time, but there's no real harm in it.

Marketing, though, is different. If you're spending money on marketing ventures that no longer reach your prospective client base or marketing with messages that no longer resonate, you're wasting money–probably a significant amount of money. And you're not just missing opportunities to bring in new business.

If you're not advertising where they are, they may simply never know that you exist. But if you're advertising with the same content you hired someone to write five or ten years ago, you may be sending a message that doesn't resonate with your current prospects and actually discourages them from picking up the phone.

If you haven't carefully reviewed and consciously overhauled your law firm marketing plan recently, it's time. And it's not a one-time process, either: once you've assessed, cut some efforts, ramped up others and integrated a new strategy or two, you'll want to monitor, reassess and adjust your investments based on performance.

Start reviewing now to start out the new year with a fresh, more effective approach to law firm marketing.