Courses at Start Fresh Today – Part 2

This post is a follow up on my earlier post about Credit Counseling. After completing the Pre-Filing Credit Counseling course, the bankruptcy law requires the consumers filing bankruptcy to complete the Debtor Education course after filing, but before discharge.

The Debtor Education

The Debtor Education course provides the debtor with educational screens with recommendations for managing expenses and assets. It also suggests ways to plan their financial future and avoid post-bankruptcy pitfalls.

At the end of each sub-section, there is a quiz which requires the debtor to select the correct answers to proceed further through the course. There is also a final evaluation quiz, at the end of the course, which has questions related to the whole course.

Like the Credit Counseling course, the Debtor Education is also offered both, online and via the telephone. Unlike the Telephonic Credit Counseling course, the Telephonic Debtor Education is completely automated and does not require the user to call any live agent.

After completing the course, the assigned certified agency then evaluates the course and issues a certificate. Like in Credit Counseling, the Debtor Education certificate is valid for 6 months.

You can learn more about the Post-Filing course by visiting the Start Fresh Today web site.