Continuing to evolve…

Bankruptcy Case Support has evolved considerably during its first year. As we’ve learned from experience and from our clients, we’ve tweaked our processes to improve service and flexibility.

What we’ve learned during that process is being carried forward as we develop new products and services.

For example, when we started bankruptcy case support, it was a full-service program only. While many of our clients appreciated the start-to-finish service, some of you told us that you wanted to choose your own credit counseling providers or had a special need for a certain piece of the process.

Unbundled Offerings

So, we unbundled our offerings to allow our customers to choose the services that best helped their practices. One of the benefits of offering various services to similarly-situated customers is that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Having learned that small firm attorneys and solo practitioners using our Bankruptcy Case Support services wanted the flexibility to purchase only the services important to them, we carried that knowledge forward as we developed our Virtual Receptionist program.

Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist clients determine whether they want straight answering-service-style services or would like to add call screening and routing, hot transfers and appointment setting. And, they have the ability to turn those services on and off with just a quick email or telephone call.

The same transparency that allows us to learn as we go and develop our services in tandem with our clients is built right into our products, so that our attorney and law firm clients can monitor our work in real time.

For instance, Bankruptcy Case Support clients will soon be able to log in to their accounts and check the progress at any time and be assured of up-to-the-minute information.

Our goal was to make it as easy for an attorney to fulfill his ethical obligation to supervise our paralegals as it would be paralegals in his own office, but it turns out that we’ve gone one better: clients tell us that it’s actually easier to monitor our cases, since there’s one convenient place to log in and track all pending case files at once rather than having to pull multiple files.

Keep the feedback coming! We’re looking forward to taking the next steps with you.