Cloud Computing Leaders in the Legal Field Join Forces

Last week, Total Attorneys and several other industry leaders in the legal cloud computing arena announced a partnership we hope will help determine the direction of cloud computing for the legal field.

Founding members of the Legal Cloud Computing Association (LCCA) include Total Attorneys, Clio (Themis Solutions Inc.), DirectLaw, Inc. and RocketMatter.

In a rapidly changing technological environment, LCCA will cooperate with Bar Associations and other policy-making bodies to help develop standards, guidelines and “best practices” that will assist attorneys in making the most effective use of new cloud computing opportunities while fulfilling their ethical obligations and ensuring the security of client data.

On December 15, LCCA submitted a response to the ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20’s call for comment on its Issues Paper Concerning Client Confidentiality and Lawyers’ Use of Technology. Among other recommendations, our response included a suggested set of technology standards for cloud computing providers and model terms of service for cloud computing providers.

LCCA aims to put the combined expertise and practical experience of its members to work educating the legal profession and assisting in the promulgation of standards and resources that will allow attorneys to capitalize on cloud computing options with confidence.

Read the full LCCA press release here: Response Paper