Change is Good – When It’s Strategic

The legal industry is changing and attorneys hear every day that they must change with it–or better yet, get ahead of the curve–or be left behind.

It's all true, but that doesn't mean that every change is a good one or that attorneys should rush forward without understanding the specific benefits of new technologies and opportunities or creating a strategic plan.

Strategic Change

In the summer edition of the ABA GPSolo Divisions Law Trends & News, Total Attorneys' President, Kevin Chern, talks about how to assess which changes are right for your law firm and avoid jumping on the wrong bandwagon.

What you really need isn’t just to be aware that changes are coming or to be open to change, but to assess the new opportunities that are available to you now and make realistic decisions about which will save you time, save you money, help you reach a broader client base, allow you to provide better client service, or help you meet other concrete goals for your law practice.

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