Can You See the Future of Small Practice Law?

At Total Attorneys we talk to a lot of experts about “the future” of legal services. In different areas, with people of different backgrounds, big law, solo practice, legal technology, so I thought I would throw my hat into the ring. Not as an expert per se, but as a Gen Y’r, who has grown up as a digital age consumer.

We live in a world today where myself, and many of those close to me in age and education would agree, we believe anything is possible. We are not bound by geography, we have friends all over the world we talk to everyday on Facebook or LinkedIn.

We buy our groceries online and have them delivered to save time. We bank online avoid traditional teller lines. We rent cars for an hour at a time, helping the environment and saving tons of cash on a car that sits in a garage.

The Changing of Expectations

In short, our expectations are a lot different than the expectations of the average consumer a decade ago. And each year, we make up a larger portion of the market for services, including legal services.

That’s good news for small law firms and solo practitioners. Because what we’re looking for isn’t about multiple floors in prime office buildings and law firms that can claim a 100-year history.

We’re looking for professionals who can interact with us on our turf, in language we can understand, in the kind of timeframe we’re used to operating within. We’re looking for professionals who are adaptable, who communicate with us in ways that are familiar to us and comfortable, and who don’t respond to our inquiries at snail-mail speed.

We’re open to new solutions like unbundled legal services, and we’re ready to take on more of the work ourselves but recognize that we need solid information to do that.

But we’re frustrated in our efforts because legal services are one of the few areas in our lives—perhaps the only one outside personal grooming and healthcare—that we can’t access online.

Are you ready to be part of the solution hundreds of thousands of us are looking for?