Blog Talk Radio Recap: PR Strategies on a Shoestring Budget

On February 4, we hosted a Total Expert Radio show, featuring Larry Bodine and John Remsen. We had a great show, discussing PR strategies for attorneys and law firms on a shoestring budget. Here are a few highlights from the show:

  • You don’t need to hire a PR firm to get publicity for your law firm
  • If you want to get featured in your local newspaper, try building a relationship with a reporter who works in a beat related to your area of practice. Don’t simply email the reporter a pitch for why your firm deserves to be in the news. Instead, try setting up a quick meeting over coffee to find out more about the reporter’s interests and the stories that reporter would like to cover. Then, when something comes up at your firm related to the reporter’s ideas, you can present yourself as a reliable source that he or she already knows.
  • If you do want to pitch a story to a reporter, make sure that your story is newsworthy. A good way to do this is by having a local spin on a national topic or by telling a story that will relate to the newspaper’s readership on a personal level.
  • Treat bloggers just like you would reporters. They may seem less significant than a newspaper or local news channel, but bloggers are in a unique position because their writing is easily accessible on the Internet and they generally have a targeted audience that may fall in line with your own targeted audience for potential clients.
  • Another great way to promote your law firm and practice is by creating your own blog. Blogging can give you a way to position yourself as an expert, and you can promote it through all of the various online social networking sites. In addition to promoting your blog on sites, such as LinkedIn or Facebook, you should try to get involved in dialogue with other attorneys and professional via group pages and discussion boards.
  • Try contacting local organizations, such as Rotary groups or supper clubs, to find out if they need any type of programming for their next meeting. If you are experienced in a topic that interests that group, try to set up a date to speak to the group on that topic. If you can’t set up an event, create one by setting up a webinar or your own Internet radio show, featuring a topic related to your law practice.
  • Create a regularly released newsletter and set up a “subscribe” button on your law firm’s website. Each new subscriber might become your next new client. Each month, write a short e-newsletter, composed of a headline and a synopsis that links to the main article on your website.

Check back on March 2 when we host another Total Expert Radio show featuring Alexis Martin Neely and Max Gardner, who will discuss ways to use virtual legal employees and legal process outsourcing services to cut down overhead costs in your law firm.