Blog Talk Radio Recap: Building the Pipeline

Last week, I hosted a Total Attorneys Radio show, featuring Nancy Myrland and a team of online legal marketing experts from our own office — Megan Olsen, Dave Ryan and John Ryan.

Nancy is an experienced professional trainer, social media consultant and law firm marketing advisor. Megan is a social media and SEO specialist, John is the director of online marketing, and Dave is an online marketing analyst for Total Attorneys.

This was a really fun show because we had four guests and we had the opportunity to discuss social media, online marketing and search engine optimization in an open, round-table format, instead of the standard Q&A format we have when there is only one guest on the show.

With so many great voices on the line, it is really hard to list all of the highlights here. You may want to go back and listen to the full recording, but here are some of the key points that we learned during the show:

Social Media Marketing

  • Don’t be intimidated by social media if you are new to it. We all have to start somewhere but it is easy to learn.
  • Choose the medium that fits your personality and strengths best. If you like writing a lot, start a blog. If you are not ready to commit to a blog, get your feet wet with Twitter or Facebook, where you can communicate in short bursts.
  • Don’t become paralyzed by the fear that you will not do things perfectly. Social media communication does not have to be the equivalent of a New York Times bestseller. Instead, use social media and your blog to show people your personality.
  • While social media marketing is not the same as paid advertising, you should still have a plan. Hiring a social media trainer can help you act strategically when you use Facebook, Twitter, your blog and other social media sites to market your law firm.


  • If you plan to use pay-per-click advertising, there are a few questions that you should ask: What do my clients want? Why do they come to me for help? What would they search if they went to Google to locate an attorney in my practice area?
  • Make your text ad relate to the keywords that potential clients may search.
  • Hire someone to help you target clients according to search strings and to help you avoid clicks and contacts from the wrong types of clients.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Many SEO efforts deal with behind-the-scenes codes and other technical strategies. Hire an SEO consultant to give you a good, solid foundation if you want your website to move to the top of search engine lists.
  • After you have set a good foundation, there are two important things that attorneys can do to boost SEO efforts: create good, fresh content on the website and get other people to link to that site.
  • If you want others to link to your site, you have to let them know that you are creating good content. If you post a new blog, let other people know through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN and other sites.
  • Give a little to get a little. If you re-tweet or link to other blogs from your own blog posts, you will increase the chances that someone else will link to you.
  • Build relationships with other writers, especially those who write for prominent websites. Don’t spam these writers; but when you have useful and relevant content, be sure to give them a heads up and a link to your blog or website.

For more highlights and other great tips, check out the full show here: Legal Lead Generation: Building Your Pipeline.