Awarded Most Innovative Legal Product 2012

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We are pleased to announce that Total Attorneys has been awarded the top 2 honors for most innovative legal products of the year 2012, from

TechnoLawyer, a critically-acclaimed legal technology resource, has announced their list of the most innovative legal products of the year. Total Attorneys has been awarded the two top spots for our Practice Management Platform and App Store. The awards were announced in the Dec. 14th edition of the TL NewsWire. To view the awards or to sign up for the newsletter please visit the TechnoLawyer site.

TechnoLawyer awarded Total Attorneys their awards for most innovative products of the year based on several criteria. TechnoLawyer recognized Total Attorneys products as exceptional, based on pricing, ease of use and product design / marketing. TechnoLawyer acknowledged Total Attorneys commitment to servicing clients in a cost effective and flexible manner. Total Attorneys was also awarded for an innovative, down to earth marketing strategy that was designed to help democratize their offerings for all law firms.

TechnoLawyer reviewed 205 new products this year and considered all for their awards. The award winners were chosen by lawyers and not by the publication staff. Tracking user interest on their site, TechnoLawyer allowed visitors to vote with their feet. The most interesting products were determined by counting visits of their users to the pages about these 205 products.

More visitors chose the Total Attorneys Practice Management Platform and App Store, than any of the other products!

Thank You from Total Attorneys

This means we owe you a thank you, thank you for considering Total Attorneys and taking interest into our products.

As the year winds down, we want to assure you that we have big, brand new offerings in the works. Early next year, Total Attorneys will be launching a brand new suite of tools for users. Tools designed to improve marketing efficiency and law firm marketplace competitiveness. We look forward to formally announcing these products in the next few months. If you would like to be notified as soon as these products are available please subscribe to our blog.