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This weekend marks the 54th Anniversary of the Chicago Air and Water Show. For three full days we will be entertained by the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, U.S. Army Parachute Team Golden Knights & Leap Frogs, the Lima Lima Flight Team and the Red Bull Air Force, just to name a few. Our high flying guests will be screaming through the sky over Chicago’s lakeshore, entertaining crowds with dangerous maneuvers and aerial acrobatics.

The whole city is buzzing with excitement, and early risers will head to the beach at dawn to reserve their front row seat. The sound of jets overhead, cheering crowds from every beach, inch of the lakeshore path and rooftop will ripple through the city this weekend leaving all of us with the perfect summer memory.

Antonio Perez of the Chicago Tribune shares a few highlights from preview day, by the looks of things the 2012 Air and Water show may be the best one yet!

Before we head out to secure our seats to the show, we’d like to highlight attorneys who have been able to combine their passion for the law, with their passion for flight!

Kelly Burris, Esq.

Kelly, a Michigan attorney and pilot who spent over 11 years in the aerospace industry before she began practicing, has been profiled for her expertise and achievements by several publications, including an article last spring titled; The Flying Lawyer who Gives Back. The article gives us a glimpse into her volunteer efforts with Angel Flight, a non-profit organization of pilots and volunteers that provides free transportation to those in need.

@AviatingEsquire | AwiatingEsquire.com

A Washington, D.C. Attorney, pilot, and advocate shares aviation milestones and news from around the globe with his followers.

Lawyer Pilots Bar Association

The largest association of aviation attorneys, attorney-pilots, non-attorney pilots, and aviation officials whose mission is to; (a) to encourage the knowledge and understanding of aviation law; to promote spirit of fellowship within those of legal profession who have the interest of both lawyer and a pilot in the science or administration of aviation law; (b) to promote cooperation with governmental and other organizations so as to enhance general aviation safety and to offer to both governmental and civil agencies, the special knowledge and skill of its members so as to assist such agencies in the performance of their functions in the development of aviation law.

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