August Platform Updates

Greetings! We've had a busy summer so far at Total Attorneys, bringing you multiple improvements to our platform. Here's what's new in your account:

Practice Management Platform:

  • Billing records now easier to use: You can now enter in multiple expense and time entries in a single step
  • Improved Settings: We've reorganized settings and given it a makeover to enable you to easily customize the platform for your firm
  • iPhone & iPad Apps: Our mobile apps allow you to access your office from anywhere. You can now stay logged in if you want. Go to iPhone or iPad settings, select Total Attorneys and turn Timeout Enabled off.
  • What's next? Trust Accounting – Coming in September 2012

App Updates: Legal Leads

  • Get leads text messaged to your phone: Having difficulty getting new leads on the phone? You can now receive real time notifications right to your phone through an automated call and/or text message that will easily connect you to the lead. This service is free of charge for Legal Leads customers! Contact us today at 877-349-1307 or email to get setup on this fantastic tool.
  • Marketing Consultants: We're here to help. Our team has helped thousands of law firms increase their lead conversion rate. We've added more marketing consultants to our team and their services are free to you! Get the latest ninja tactics to close more business. Call 877-349-1307 or email us to speak with one of the experts who can help you retain more clients.

App Updates: Bluefin Payment Processing

  • Payment processing integrated right inside the platform: Process payments from clients using a credit card or electronic check.
  • Setup automated Payment Plans: Schedule planned payments and have them automatically process on the dates you select.
  • Bankruptcy Payment Processing: You can now use special payment processing tools to run debit and electronic checks only.

We hope you find these improvements useful and help you focus on your practice. As always, feel free to reach out with suggestions for future improvements by leaving a comment below. We are building this for you and I always love getting your feedback.