Are You Hurting Your Health by Resisting to Hire?

Utilizing on-demand help, having a full or part time employee can deliver many benefits to you and your business. Obviously it’s nice to have someone to hand off administrative tasks, small projects and answer client calls, but let’s think about the bigger picture.

Let’s think about your health. You’re racking 70+ hours per week, you haven’t taken a vacation in months, and you’re about to grab another fast food dinner, skipping the gym or diet you promised your concerned doctor you would follow.

When you do finally get some time out of the office you find yourself buried in personal tasks that have piled up for months. Or maybe a family member just called, and you need to leave the office unexpectedly.

Alone, this would be a challenge, but having back up support who’s familiar with you, your clients and your business during a moment like this that resource is invaluable.

Utilizing support staff whether temporary or on a permanent basis will help you take control and manage both your personal and professional worlds. Not to mention the myriad of health benefits of a decreased stress level, regular work schedule, and time to spend enjoying activities you love can have over the long term.

The great news is, that the world of hiring, on-demand support staff, outsourcing and personnel resources in general have dramatically changed. We have more options than ever before, here are just a few of your options.

Law Clerk Connection | @LawClerkConnect
Law Clerk Connection puts a nationwide network of law students at the service of attorneys in need of contract legal research and drafting. The Law Clerk Connection marketplace is the first of its kind to cater to the legal community offering both the tools and the talent that will allow lawyers to rethink the way they have been practicing law.

“Those looking for services from LCC will be able to see profiles created by students and graduates of ABA-approved schools. Profiles will include writing samples. If a job needs to be done, an employer will post the job, and LCC providers will bid on the job. Potential employers can then choose one or more individuals for a project.”ABA Journal, March 30, 2009; Company’s ‘Craigslist Model Seeks to Keep Outsourced Work On-Shore

Legal Ease Solutions | @LegalOutsourcer
LegalEase Solutions is a proven and award winning leader delivering high quality legal support services to law firms and law departments nationwide. Buy attorney or paralegal hours in blocks, or set up an ongoing plan using their experienced and diverse team as an extension of your firm.

After you request or submit work to LegalEase, a team lead will reach out to you to confirm the expected deliverables, freeing up your valuable time, and more importantly making sure you are both on the same page before work begins.

Deliverables include, but are not limited to; motion preparation, legal research & writing, mutli state surveys, tracking of laws and regulations, appellate services, preparation of pleadings & briefs, and much more.
See what their clients are saying:

Task Rabbit| @TaskRabbit
Task Rabbit matches qualified and background check approved freelancers, or individuals looking for part time work, with a specific task you post to be quoted / priced. The site is able to handle almost any imaginable task from lawn mowing, ikea furniture assembly, to dry cleaning pickup and more.

LegalTypist, Inc. | @legaltypist
LegalTypist provides attorneys with access to a pool of experienced legal secretarial and administrative personnel to manipulate the tech and information necessary to keep a law firm running as efficiently as possible.

We’ve all been there. You are only one human being and can only accomplish so many things in 24 hours. Technology can only take your efficiencies so far; and that’s when you come to realize you don’t need to test and find the “right” tech – you need another pair of hands … a reliable and trusted place to outsource those tasks which do not provide the highest value to your practice; you are not good at; or do not personally enjoy.

Andrea Cannavina built LegalTypist from the ground up – vetting and supplying not only the most secure and easy to use technology for each client; but pairing it with the right people to work that tech according to each firm’s need. In essence, Andrea builds custom digital workflows for each firm – pairing her own trusted tech and people with the work that needs to get done.

Larger firms benefit from a relationship with LegalTypist by outsourcing the initial drafts transcription of lengthy/detailed/format specific documents to free up time for in house personnel to perform higher value functions for the firm.

As a consultant, Andrea helps professionals better understand their options when it comes to technology – especially web based applications. To schedule a consultation with Andrea: or to learn more about the services offered by LegalTypist:

Hiring your first employee or trusting anyone new can be a challenging task for any business owner. When you step back and recognize the value of having an extra set of hands and how it affects you and your life, in and out of the office, you’ll find that the choice to hire becomes a lot easier.

Don’t know how to determine if it’s a fit for you? Here are a few questions to ask before you hire or outsource.