14th State Closes Investigation Into Total Attorneys Marketing Program with No Finding of Wrongdoing

The Office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel for the Supreme Court of Missouri advised last week that it would not be pursuing action based on the complaint filed against sponsors of the Total Attorneys High Performance Marketing program in that state.

The brief letter indicated that the office had considered the available evidence and reviewed the applicable rules and had not found probable cause to believe that the Missouri attorneys had violated the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Of the 47 states that received complaints approximately one year ago, 24 took no action and Missouri is the 14th to close its investigation with no finding of wrongdoing.

To date, no state has made a finding of misconduct against Total Attorneys or its sponsoring lawyers in connection with these complaints, and only 9 states still have investigations pending.

The Connecticut State’s Attorney’s Office, advised of the pending investigations by Connecticut Disciplinary Counsel, also indicated by letter that no criminal charges would be filed. Earlier this year, a Connecticut panel dismissed ethical grievances against attorneys in that state who advertised with Total Attorneys.

We’re very pleased that, despite the ongoing efforts of a single individual, Disciplinary Commissions across the country are making a fair and reasonable assessment of the issues and laying the groundwork for clearer rules to guide attorneys advertising online and through other new media.