Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist
from Total Attorneys

Virtual Receptionist
You’ll never miss another important call

Total Attorneys knows that it matters who answers your phone. That’s why every virtual receptionist on the Total Attorneys team is thoroughly trained specifically to handle law firm calls. Our Chicago-based telephone answering service is flexible enough to handle any needs, including:

  • 24 / 7 / 365 answering services
  • After-hours coverage, including late-night
  • Short-term coverage for holidays, office closure and staff leave

Total Attorneys Virtual Receptionist was specially designed to serve small law firms and solo attorneys. We understand your business, and the importance of client communication. That’s why we offer cost-efficient features that keep your business running.

Virtual Receptionist Services includes:

  • Trained legal receptionists
  • 24/7 live reception coverage from our Chicago offices
  • Call screening and transfer based on your criteria
  • Real-time electronic message delivery
  • New client intake day or night
  • Dedicated toll-free number
  • No set-up fees, cancellation fees, expiration dates or hidden costs
  • Small call packages to match whatever volume is right for you
  • Pricing based on calls, not minutes
  • Full-service, after hours or sick day/vacation coverage
  • Optional appointment setting using your calendar

In order for the receptionists to schedule appointments for your callers, you will need to have a calendar that they can access remotely, such as Google Calendar, Tungle, Appointy, etc.

Virtual Receptionist Reviews:

“My experience with Total Attorneys Virtual Receptionist has been very positive. It’s especially significant that Total Attorneys invests this kind of time and effort in every call without per-minute charges, so that 15 minute discussion didn’t cost me any more than a 45-second “take a number” call would have. I would recommend Virtual Receptionist to any solo or small law.”
- Benjamin, Carpenter Law, P.A

“I am able to provide 24/7 receptionist service in my highly competitive practice areas. I can ignore the phone for a bit and get some work done. I can go to all day CLE’s and leave town knowing I’m not missing anything. I can’t say enough about the value the virtual receptionist from total attorney’s has added to my practice.”
- Shane, Jimison/Homiller PLC

“In the year that I’ve been using Virtual Receptionist I’ve continuously been impressed with their professionalism, responsiveness, and overall ability to do exactly what I need. They have consistently worked to make sure that I’m happy with their service and I’ve had many clients rave about how professional my receptionist is. In a nutshell they offer great service at a great price.”
- Jami, Ferrell Law Firm

“I’ve had appointments that were scheduled at times I would not be available to take the call. It is also great to be able to advertise that you have a 24/7 appointment scheduling hotline! Thanks, Virtual Receptionist for the great service!”
- Marcelo, Law Offices of Marcelo Gondim

  • Pricing:
  • $199 / block of 50 calls
  • $248 / block of 50 calls & appointment scheduling
  • More Info:
  • Call: 877-349-1307

Virtual Receptionist
from Total Attorneys