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Buy Associate Support or Administrative Support in blocks of 10 hours and use them as an extension of your firm. You submit work to us and we reach out to you to confirm the expected deliverables, freeing up your valuable time.

LegalEase Solutions is a proven leader in the provision of high quality legal support services to law firms and law departments nationwide.

Our award-winning services focus on quality and accuracy. We delve deep into law and precedent to produce the highest quality research for our clients. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Legal Research and Writing on US and International Laws
  • Multi State Surveys
  • Tracking of Laws and Regulations
  • Appellate Services
  • Preparation of Pleadings and Briefs

Attorney Testimonials:

“As a Michigan law firm faced with litigation issue in New York, LegalEase stepped in and provided research regarding NY regulations, procedure and case law. The work was high quality, comprehensive and on-point. In short, the value was tremendous. Using LegalEase was like adding a senior level associate at a fraction of the cost.”
– Bryan I. Eder, Co-Founder of Chudnof & Eder, PLC, Detroit

“Legalease saved me. As a solo practitioner my time is not infinite. Having Legalease there is like having a reliable older partner who is willing to work through the weekend to get the brief done right. With very little information Legalease wrote a motion and memorandum of law on a complicated point of criminal law and saw the fallacy in the State’s argument. The court complimented me on my written arguments and I got to enjoy at least some of my weekend – money well spent.”
– J. Nicolas Albukerk, Chicago

“I was cautious about Legalease Solutions at first. However, I was very impressed by the quality and turnaround time for an issue I assigned to be researched. The brief prepared by the attorneys for Legalease Solutions was thorough, creative and well written. I would definitely use them again.”
– Shereef Akeel – Michigan Lawyer of the Year, Partner, Akeel & Valentine, Detroit

“I highly recommend LegalEase Solutions to any busy attorney. I gave them a complex multi-jurisdictional legal question and got a very detailed memorandum in a short period of time. Great work! I will definitely use them again.”
– Joseph Barone – Partner, Barone Law Offices, PLC, Detroit

  • Pricing:
  • $450 / 10 Associate Support Hours
  • $250 / 10 Administrative Support Hours