Legal Research
from Fastcase

Legal Research
Smarter, faster legal research in the office or on the go

Fastcase is the leading next-generation legal research service that puts a comprehensive national law library and smarter and more powerful searching, sorting, and visualization tools at your fingertips.

  • Fastcase’s libraries include primary law from all 50 states, as well as deep federal coverage
  • Find the best answers fast, save time, and make your practice more competitive to clients
  • Visualize search results to see the best results instantly
  • Affordable and flexible, with predictable, “no contract” subscription options

Traditional legal research is time-consuming and frustrating, with the best cases randomly distributed throughout results lists. Old research tools make your research take longer, add expense for your clients, and make your firm less competitive. Fastcase has developed a suite of smarter research tools that make your work simpler, smarter, and more effective — and that make your firm more competitive.

Fastcase’s powerful sorting algorithms bring the best results to the top of the list every time – making research powerful, fast and easy. Search results are listed in relevance order by default, but you can re-sort the list to fit your research, to prioritize what’s important to you in every search. Sort in date order, highest-court first, alphabetical order, or most cited cases at the top of the list. Fastcase’s powerful sorting tools make it easier and faster to find the cases you need, no matter what kind of research you’re performing.

Fastcase is the only legal research service to identify the most authoritative cases in results, every time. Fastcase integrates citation analysis into search results, telling you how often each case in your results list has been cited. It’s like Shepardizing or KeyCiting each case in search results, except that you can see the results automatically integrated into search results. Now you can sort the most seminal case to the top of the list, with one click. Only Fastcase offers this powerful tool.

Printing from the Web is unpredictable, so Fastcase built a dual-column print utility. It allows you to print in clean, dual-column Word documents, PDF documents, or WordPerfect-compatible rich text format. Fastcase also supports batch printing, so you can print many documents at once.

Fastcase’s Authority Check identifies later-citing cases. It also includes a timeline view of later-citing cases, a visual map of how the citing cases occur over time. Authority Check also shows citation statistics, showing how many times your cases have been cited at each level of the court system, and how recently it’s been cited. Finally, you can filter Authority Check to see only cases in a particular court that cite your case. It’s a great way to find later-citing cases.

Legal Research
from Fastcase