Total Attorneys Acquires Virtual Law Office Technology, LLC (VLOTech)

CHICAGO–(October 2, 2009) – Total Attorneys, Inc., a managed-services provider that helps small law firms and solo practitioners, announced today its acquisition of Virtual Law Office Technology, LLC (VLOTech).

Based in Wilmington, N.C., VLOTech provides a secure, web-based interface that streamlines the delivery of legal services to consumers and businesses.

“Combining with VLOTech furthers our mission to improve the quality and delivery of legal services for consumers and attorneys,” said Kevin Chern, President of Total Attorneys.

“The addition of VLOTech to our product portfolio is yet another way we’re making it convenient and affordable for lawyers and their clients to work together.”

With VLOTech, law practices can exist anywhere there is Internet access – from a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

The software serves as an attorney’s law office, handling administrative and management tasks, as well as communication with clients, 24/7.

The technology has import and export functionality and can be customized to fit with existing software programs. It also provides a means for solo and small firms to expand their geographic reach without absorbing additional infrastructure costs.

The system was designed to address ethics and malpractice concerns, providing protection for both attorneys and their clients. Besides the obvious benefits to attorneys, VLOTech dramatically increases accessibility of legal services to consumers.

In particular, consumers in remote areas or who are otherwise unable to travel to a lawyer’s office can now retain an attorney and access full legal representation through the Internet. Further, because of the efficiencies the software provides, attorneys can reduce their infrastructure and legal delivery costs, passing those savings directly to the consumer.

Traditional brick and mortar firms also find VLOTech beneficial in web-enabling their law firms. Clients are able to log in 24/7 to check on the status of their legal matter, collaborate with their attorney, securely upload and download documents, complete legal forms, update personal information, review invoices and make payments.

“The combination of the VLOTech software with the products and services offered by Total Attorneys will take law practice management to the next level. Having practiced law online with the VLOTech software for almost four years, I am excited to see the combination of these services into a complete law practice management system that will provide attorneys with greater work/life balance and the freedom to grow their practices in ways that benefit their clients and their businesses,” says Stephanie Kimbro Co-Founder of VLOTech.

Stephanie will assume the title of Evangelist at Total Attorneys while continuing to run her virtual law practice.

Ben Norman, Co-Founder of VLOTech, will join Total Attorneys as well, as a Senior Developer who will continue to expand VLOTech’s feature set.

“The excitement of integrating VLOTech into the Total Attorneys technology-enabled-services platform has our office abuzz. Both companies’ customers will see significant benefits with the integration. The combination of the technology and services will further Total Attorneys innovative spirit and assist in its effort to revolutionize the delivery of legal services,” says Edmund Scanlan, Founder and CEO of Total Attorneys.

About VLOTech

Founded by Benjamin Norman and Stephanie Kimbro in 2007, Virtual Law Office Technology, LLC (VLOTech) provides a secure, software-as-a-service, web-based product that connects solo and small firm law practices with online consumers.

The software offers a complementary method for solo and small firm practitioners to compete by expanding their client base to tap into the online consumer and the need for unbundled, online legal services.

VLOTech was formed after the results of a two-year research and case study demonstrated interest by the public and legal professionals for virtual law office technology. Based in Wilmington, North Carolina, VLOTech uses the same virtual office software which it provides to its clients.