Client Spotlight: Zeller Law

If you’ve ever had a chance to visit the Zeller Law website, it’s likely you’ve noticed the non-traditional law firm photos that immediately capture your attention. The firm’s attorneys purposefully employed this non-traditional approach in branding the website to put potential clients, other lawyers, and professionals at ease.

The firm’s business attorneys really want to encourage visitors to contact the firm and make the visitors feel that speaking to, or even hiring a lawyer, isn’t a difficult or scary endeavor. Additionally, the firm’s Chicago business attorneys focused the website on targeting a specific niche legal market, start-ups and small businesses in Chicago.

Another intriguing focus of the Zeller Law website is its use of technology to encourage communication from its business clients. By leveraging the most innovative law practice technologies, primarily developed by the Total Attorney’s crew, the law firm is able to attract entrepreneurs, busy professionals, and small businesses that might not otherwise have the time to find an attorney to address their important corporate legal needs.

Further, not only is Zeller Law leveraging the Total Attorneys Platform to increase the ease of communication and accessibility, but the firm is streamlining its operations to increase efficiency and cut unnecessary overhead costs.The firm’s corporate clients very much enjoy this last component.

Other freakishly fun features of the firm’s (say that three times, fast) website, besides the online law practice technology,include a live stream of Chicago business news updates and a regularly updated Illinois Business Blog that have absolutely nothing to do with the law.The firm’s business clients very much enjoy this last feature too.

Zeller Law, LLC’s Chicago business attorneys provide legal representation to individuals, small businesses, start-ups, professionals and entrepreneurs throughout Illinois. Its Chicago corporate lawyers practice in the areas of civil and business litigation, corporate and business law, contract law, internet and e-commerce law, and copyright, patent and trademark law.

Zeller Law’s Chicago Business Attorneys, include, but are not limited to … hint:

Ryan Zeller, Esq, MBA

Ryan, a hardworking father of one (Jake), Chicago business litigation attorney, has extensive experience working with and for some of the nation’s best and brightest commercial litigation attorneys, and has represented a wide range of clients in commercial and business litigation matters.

Examples include, contract disputes, legal malpractice, accountant malpractice, patent infringement, trademark infringement, breach of fiduciary duty, collections, corporate bankruptcy, business fraud, among others.Basically, Ryan does it all – which is why name is on the letterhead.

Kelly Frame, Esq.

Kelly, an unwaiveringly dedicated business lawyer, is licensed to practice law in Illinois, South Carolina, and Georgia. Kelly is Of Counsel to Zeller Law and also has his own offices in Charleston and Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Yes, that’s correct, he’s a Charleston business attorney too. Kelly was the very first attorney (well second, really…we’ll have to give the first prize award up to Stephanie Kimbro) to use the online law practice technology back in 2008.

Unlike Ryan, Kelly primarily focuses on transactional business matters like mergers, acquisitions, contracts, trademarks, business organizations, business reorganizations, and the like. Kelly is also a self-proclaimed internet geek that likes to spend his free time playing with algorithms (not really).

Soon-to-be Revealed, Esq.

Soon-to-be Revealed is currently on maternity leave but will be joining the firm in January. Soon-to-be, really, a really hardworking mother of one, Chicago patent lawyer, has extensive experience working at one of the nation’s most prestigious intellectual property firms.

She is a patent attorney and will be an invaluable compliment to both Ryan and Kelly’s practice areas. The firm is very much looking forward to her coming aboard.

We asked Ryan and Kelly: You were one the first firms to offer an online option to your clients. Have you noticed clients are more likely to work with you online, or in person today, compared to when you first began using online law practice technology years ago?

“To be honest, it’s the same today as it was four or five years ago.Because a lot of trust (and oftentimes substantial money) is placed in hiring a lawyer or having the lawyer represent business interests, potential clients generally want to meet in person first.

Clients often tell us that there is something said about a face-to-face meeting with the lawyer you are going to be working with. And we don’t expect this necessary face-to-face exchange to fade away in the near future.

That said, there are some clients we have never met (maybe 10%); we’ve only corresponded with them via the client portal, email and phone.

What has always been true, however, is the fact that online access is very attractive and intriguing for clients. Clients love the idea of being able to communicate through a secure server and access their client files online (24/7). Clients especially love the billing and credit card features.To this last point, so does our firm.”

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have received in your career? Or that you would give to another attorney.

Ryan: Always listen – to your client, to opposing counsel or to a judge.Besides listening to your clients, they need to know that you are available when they need you.

Kelly: Build your practice slowly and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, “we’re all human, just be yourself.”

We hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into Ryan & Kelly’s unique practice and approach to Business Law in Chicago!

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