Client Spotlight: Johnston Law Offices, P.A.

Shayla and Kelly Johnston, transforming legal service for their fellow Kansans.

The Johnston Law Offices was founded in 1979, and became Kansas’ first Virtual Law Office on August, 17th 2012. Located in Wichita, Kansas the law office began as a traditional brick and mortar firm, and has gracefully matured into a trusted practice which utilizes technology to promote, deliver legal services securely, run an efficient practice, and offer a great work life balance for their employees.

Attorneys Kelly Johnston and Shayla Johnston consider themselves advocates for accessible workplace resources, handling workers compensation and social security cases. They also provide background checks, employer training, and trusted referrals of legal and medical services for Kansas residents.

Their Mission

Promotion of workplace safety through quality representation, diverse training and trustworthy community referrals.

What inspired you to transform your practice into a Virtual Law Office?


“Motherhood inspired me to transform my practice. I feel lucky to be a lawyer during a time when I can communicate with my clients while waiting for my Kindergartener to come home from school. Just five years ago, I had no choice but to attend CLE with my nursing infant.

I think about how uncomfortable I felt at that time, being both criticized and commended by my colleagues for merging motherhood with lawyering. I am very grateful for my profession’s acceptance of virtual lawyering as an option, so that I don’t ever again feel that conflict.”

What have your clients said about working with you virtually through the client portal?

Our clients have enthusiastically embraced the client portal. Here is a sampling of their comments:

9/22/2012 – “Hi Kelly. We are writing to pass along to you and your office manager that we are able to receive all emails and are able to access the client portal. This is a great way to stay informed of everything. Bxxxx will be sending the paycheck stubs on Monday and also faxing them to your office manager. If there is anything else that you need from us, please let us know. Thank you, Client name protected”

9/11/2012 – “Kelly, Okay I just wanted to make sure. Thanks. Also I really like the new system and all the helpful tools. I’ll talk to you soon. Client name protected”

We hope you enjoyed learning more about this innovative law practice. To learn more about Shayla, Kelly and how they are leading the way for Virtual Law Practices in Kansas here are a few places you can follow them:

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