Client Spotlight: J.A. Williams Law, The Artist Empowerment Firm

From the second you hear Jo-Ná’s voice on the phone you can feel her passion and excitement for her work.

The Artist Empowerment Firm’s website showcases Jo-Ná A. Williams, Esq.’s cutting edge image, shining track record, and glowing client testimonials. The website is just the beginning, Jo-Ná’s online presence extends beyond her website through every social media channel, and several industry sites for which she is a contributor.

Each populated with a steady stream of content including casual commentary on industry news, empowering quotes for growing artists, personal highlights from her day, and valuable legal advice for entertainment professionals.

Her personal mission and unwavering commitment to make progress in the entertainment industry is visible in every interaction you have with her. She has been interviewed and profiled in numerous publications, and is a recognized leader in the entertainment law community.

We asked Jo-Ná’s what sets J.A. Williams Law – The Artist Empowerment Firm apart from other practices?

“Our focus and our clients. My firm is focused on educating and empowering music entrepreneurs with the legal tools they need in business to be successful in their entertainment careers. Most firms in the entertainment law field are focused on intellectual property which is very important.

However, our firm helps artists understand that establishing themselves as business owner is a vital component of being successful in the ever-changing music industry. Have a business allows you to stay on top of the moving pieces of your career, save money in taxes, and keeps you in the mindset of an entrepreneur which every musician needs now.

Our Virtual Law Office platform is perfect for working with artists for two main reasons, 1. Artists are limited in their time so they often can fit meetings at a traditional law office in their schedules. Our VLO allows them to access my firm and their files conveniently 24/7 and 2. I don’t have expense overhead so I can pass that savings onto my clients. Who doesn’t want to save money on legal services?”

Jo-Ná’s explanation demonstrates a clear understanding of the challenges her clients face and the mentorship she offers. The innovative use of technology to tackle scheduling challenges, offer clients access to their projects, and deliver a higher level of service overall puts her firm ahead of the rest.

We look forward to watching Jo-Ná’s career soar, as she has empowered her clients to achieve the same through proper legal planning and protections. Follow Jo-Ná!

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