Client Spotlight: Earnshaw-Hobbs Law Firm, P.C.

Traditional Law Practices are embracing the use of technology and alternative billing models to recruit new clients, and keep the ones they have happy.

Today we’re sharing our discussion with Earnshaw-Hobbs Law Firm, P.C a Kansas City, Missouri Law Firm headed by Catherine Earnshaw-Hobbs, who has been an attorney for 38 years. Catherine Earnshaw-Hobbs’s firm offers traditional Family Law, Estate Planning and DUI /DWI /Traffic Defense services both online and out of their Lee’s Summit office.

When first visiting the About Us section of the Earnshaw-Hobbs’ website you realize it reads more like a mission statement and list core values than basic law firm information. Referring to the law firm as a team and offering not just a free thirty minute consultation but also varying levels of cost and representation should the potential client choose to retain the firm.

We spoke to Earnshaw-Hobbs Founder, Catherine Earnshaw-Hobbs, about what the defining characteristics of their law firm were, specifically what has driven her near 40 year track record of success and happy clients.

What differentiates your practice from other Family Law firms?

Experience and specialized services; Catherine Earnshaw-Hobbs has been in practice since 1974, and has practiced in all areas of family law since then. It is rare you will find a family law firm which handles all pre & post divorce matters and related family law issues such as paternity, adult and minor guardianship, adoption and state taking custody of minor children, etc.

You also offer Estate Planning, Elder Law and some areas of Criminal Law, have these areas grown because existing clients needed those services?

Yes, we are devoted to serving families whether they are new clients, or long standing friends whose needs have changed.

You’ll notice our firm does not do Personal Injury work, or Business law, no Patents, Trademarks or Intellectual property, nor any other general practice areas. We offer services that our clients and their families need. Estate planning and elder law as they grow through life, and some minor criminal work including DUI / DWI or traffic tickets that a client may have come up from time to time.

Catherine explained that about 80% of the matters handled by our office are in areas of family law. The other 20% of matters span across Estate Planning, Elder Law and DUI / DWI /Traffic tickets.

How have clients reacted to the law firms’ client portal and offering of online legal services?

“We find that clients who have even with the slightest experience using a smartphone, a computer or the internet love the client portal. Using the client portal increases connectivity & access, facilitates communication and allows our clients to easily review their case at their leisure in a secure manner.” – Office Manager Douglas Miles states.

“My firm really likes Total Attorneys as a way to connect with our clients.” -Catherine Earnshaw-Hobbs

Meet the Founder: Catherine Earnshaw-Hobbs

A member of the Missouri State Bar, Eastern Jackson County Bar, and the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Associations Catherine’s has been dedicated to the practice of law since she graduated from University of Missouri, Kansas City in 1974. Since then Catherine has grown her practice to include 3 full time attorneys, plus 3 paralegals and support staff.

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Earnshaw-Hobbs Law Firm, P.C. has transitioned through generations, maintaining a high quality of representation for their clients adapting to new technology and the changing economic needs of their clients.