Client Spotlight: Carroll Law P.A.

Susan Carroll, Esq. and her law firm Carroll Law. P.A. showcase both the expertise of the firm’s attorneys, and attract new clients through their innovative use of technology and digital media.

A quick search will demonstrate the frequency of diverse content Susan and her team produce on a daily basis. Even Susan’s Twitter Page is well branded and consistently updated with relevant and valuable information.

When I first spoke with Susan and her team I was impressed by the level of research she had conducted, and specific goals she wanted to achieve related to the firm’s technology purchases. Susan wanted to extend a greater level of access to her clients, and also utilize channels like Twitter and YouTube to market her firm.

The updates Carroll Law shares with us range from a video of the “Virtual Law Office Ribbon Cutting” the office held to celebrate the new online office set up, to Divorce and Domestic Violence. Potential clients who reach will notice they are able to choose between online services, or an appointment in the office. Following the initial consultation clients have 24/7 access to their case, can share documents, or send messages to their attorney. Creating a convenient and secure collaboration space for the client, and law firm’s team.

Susan Carroll, Esq. has received numerous awards including the Moot Court Barrister Award and Law Review Service Award. She is a Total Attorneys Platform pioneer, and a great example of ethical and effective use of technology by a Family Law Firm.

We encourage you to follow Susan Carroll, Esq. and the Carroll Law Firm.