Finding Ideal Clients with Online Law Practice

Dawn Bowie is using online legal practice management software to grow her Maryland Family Law Practice. She wanted to work with clients outside her immediate jurisdiction and offering her services online, including unbundled legal services, she’s been able to do that and more.

In this video, Bowie talks about how working with clients online has allowed her to focus on finding ideal legal clients. Using online forms and document sharing, she can pre-screen clients online and work only with those that are seriously interested in her services. Previously, she spent hours each week in preliminary client meetings that often ended up in no-shows, forgotten information or missed payments. Now, she spends less time tracking down clients and more time providing real legal solutions.

She can now do this for clients across the state of Maryland and the rest of the United States. While she knew she could reach out to more parts of the state, her online legal practice has also attracted clients from across the country who have family law matters to resolve in Maryland.