Ethics in Attorney Advertising

General Attorney Advertising

Law firm marketing has come a long way in a relatively short time. In the 3+ decades since the U.S. Supreme Court took up the issue of attorney advertising in Bates v. The State Bar of Arizona, courts and state bars have worked to balance free speech and the changing commercial landscape with consumer protection and concerns about the dignity of the legal profession. Find key decisions and opinions here. Read More About General Advertising »

The Future of Attorney Advertising

Many questions remain unresolved and new rules regarding attorney advertising or interpretations of existing rules are considered on a regular basis. Find out what’s in the works here. Read More About the Future of Attorney Advertising »

The Total Attorneys Model

Total Attorneys provides Internet-based law firm marketing services on a pay-per-performance basis. Because Total Attorneys developed this model using new advertising strategies and new technologies, attorneys often have questions about how the Rules of Professional Responsibility apply to this model and whether there are any ethical concerns they should be aware of.

Unlike any other nationwide online attorney marketing effort, many aspects of the Total Attorneys model have been considered by many state bar associations.

In this section, you will find letters and opinions from numerous state bar associations regarding our unique attorney marketing program. Read More About Total Attorneys’ Model »