Impact House

Community Impact

Total Impact carries the unique energy, talent and spirit of the Total Attorneys culture out into the world. Our mission is to unify and foster interest in charitable activities, both among Total Attorneys employees and among our broad base of clients- hundreds of people working together to enrich the world.

Total Impact offers something for everyone who wants to get involved, from volunteering time for kids’ after school programs or helping repair homes through Habitat for Humanity to organizing charitable fundraisers for our clients, employees, and their friends to attend and helping ensure that our workplace is as environmentally friendly as it can be.

In summer of 2009, Total Attorneys partnered with the charity Purse of Hope to create the Total Impact House. Upon learning about Purse of Hope’s efforts to assist victims of the sex trade in Uganda, we wanted to help founder Kristen Hendricks take her vision even further.

Hendricks and Purse of Hope had been working with one girl at a time to help them rebuild their lives after they were rescued from brothels. But Hendricks wanted to create a home where the young victims of the sex trade could live in safety, get counseling, return to school, learn trades and have choices. The home would be a serene place where they could thrive and be treated like human beings again.

That summer, we all made that dream a reality. The Total Impact House now is home to 14 brave women who have committed to putting the past tribulations of the sex trade behind them and are now reclaiming their lives.

Within the Gulu region of Uganda, the Total Impact House has become a place of love and growth. Today, the women are flourishing in a positive environment among their peers and teachers. Their progress has further inspired us to create various fundraisers and simple communication with the women, such as video postcards with Total Attorneys staff asking questions for the women to answer.

Our next goal is to fill the remaining 14 beds that are still available.

We are always looking for people willing to contribute. To find out about ways to assist the Total Impact House, please contact us at