Total Attorneys Corporate Culture

Creative Work Requires Creative Play

Total Attorneys strives to provide excellent products and services to its clients, and to have fun and encourage growth among our employees in the process. We maintain a young and energetic corporate culture by encouraging creativity and participation, socially and professionally.

From golf and softball tournaments to talent shows and crazy competitions for charity, every day provides an opportunity to make a contribution, share a laugh, enter into a friendly competition, or join forces with a colleague to create something new and exciting.

Total Culture

When I started the company the main focus was to create something that was different from any place I’d ever worked. I really wanted some place that I enjoyed going to work every single day. Knowing the amount of time you spent at work, I wanted to be happy there.

When it was just me, all I had to do was make myself happy, so it was pretty easy. Then as we started to add people to the company besides myself, the focus shifted, not only to meet my needs and keep myself happy, but also to keep everybody that was working there excited to come to work every single day.

Total Purpose

What does Total Attorneys do?

Total Attorneys is a managed service provider. We provide a wide range of support services to law firms, generally of under 5 employees. We have 1,000 law firm customers, and we do everything from marketing to software support to back office administrative support, whether its filling out forms or answering the phone for them.

Our goal is to make it so when lawyers show up in the office, they flip the lights on, they log in to Total Attorneys, and then they go brew the coffee. By them using us as an administrative support service, they’re able to focus on being lawyers. What we’re here to do is to improve the quality of the industry for the consumers of legal services as well as the practioners who work inside of it.

Total Environment

What’s it like to work here?

People always talk about, how do you improve your customer service? You gotta make your customers happy, how do you do it? I think one of the key elements that gets overlooked is you have to start with making your employees happy. The best way to have a happy customer is to have a happy employee who’s servicing them. It’s such a simple concept, but so often I think it gets overlooked.

We really start from within, and that comes from within the culture. Getting a place where people enjoy coming to work every day. And from there, you build on top of that. You get innovative products, you get a high level of quality service provided to your customers, and you keep putting the building blocks on top of that, but it all starts with the foundation that is the culture.

Some of the things we do is we have a softball tournament every year with the whole company, anyone who wants to play, we create cross-department teams.

We do a golf outing. Last year it was a Caddyshack theme, this year it might be a Happy Gilmore theme. A lot of people just go and hang out and drive around on golf carts on the course.

We have charity fundraising events where people come out to a bar, both employees and friends and family, and raise money for organizations. Happy hour on Friday after we launch a great project, being able to go out and everyone get together, have a few drinks and unwind a bit. So there’s a wide range of things, both structured and unstructured.

Total Perks

Why do people stay?

One of the things that I get the most excited about is when employees move into new roles in the company that provide them new opportunities for professional growth. That is really exciting, to walk around this place and see people who maybe started here in the call center and did a really good job and was an overachiever, and now all the sudden they moved into online marketing and they’re doing campaign management stuff, and they we start building a team around them.

The opportunity for growth in this company is phenomenal. When you have a company that grows over 9500 percent over five years, that means there’s a lot of internal growth that happens, and we promote from within.

Total Impact

About 12 months ago, we started this thing called Total Impact, and it was our way to come up with a concerted effort around having a true impact in the community, both locally, nationally and internationally.

One of the things we wanted to focus on was measurable results. Did we get 3 people off the streets? Did we get kids out of a bad situation? What was the direct impact we were able to achieve based on our results? And that’s the name – Total Impact. We wanted to be able to measure what impact we’ve had.

Total Philosophy

Where are we going next?

I think one of the main things to focus on as we continue to improve this place is bringing in the right people. I don’t think anything is more critical to the future of this company than those that we hire tomorrow. And then when they show up here, making sure they feel free to impact the organization both from a product and customer service prospective, but also from a culture perspective. They should be able to feel enabled to leave their mark on this company.

The idea of work hard play hard is just passion for life and making sure that you really appreciate time, because that’s the only thing that you can’t get more of, and if you focus on enjoying the time you have, then I think you’re really living the work hard play hard mentality.

The Challenge

What can we do to improve the life of people working in law? It’s very time consuming!

Attorneys practice law from say 9:00 in the morning to 6 or 7 o’clock at night. after finishing their core functionality, which is delivering legal representation, they have to put on the chief marketing officer hat, or the human resources administrator hat.

Ultimately, what ends up happening is either their business suffers or the quality of their client representation suffers, or their personal life suffers, or most often, a little bit of each one of those suffers.

Our Products

It takes a commitment to build a website and maintain it, and even if you have the level sophistication to run a pay-per-click campaign, you don’t necessarily have the time to do it when you’re running your day-to-day practice.

The integrated products and services that we can deliver through our software-as-a-service platform allow attorneys to basically turn over a lot of the monotonous day to day work that they spend servicing clients. we can really reduce their overhead, allowing them to get back to being a lawyer.

Our high performance marketing product was definitely the first on that let lawyers find a way to scale their practice.

As soon as a consumer fills out a request for contact by an attorney, our call center here in Chicago follows up directly with that consumer within about 60 to 90 seconds and gets that consumer on the phone. The positive impression that that instills in that client immediately is irreplaceable.

As we look at more of our back office support services, it’s the combination – the suite of solutions – that we’re really excited about. as we continue to go through and work on more and more products, we’re going to see the value proposition that Total Attorneys is offering to the legal profession continue to rise.

We’re a technology enabled service provider, and the platform is there to enable us to deliver these services to a lot of small law firms in a way that no other service provider has ever been able to do in the past.